Ewa Rzodkiewicz

Business Centre Club

I am a leader with over 15 years of experience in managing people, teams, companies, creating strategies and implementing development and restructuring projects, building companies from scratch, describing and optimizing processes, both in large and small companies. I have extensive knowledge and practice in the field of management, finance, civil and commercial law.

I effectively manage the implementation of projects, identify problems and implement new solutions. I build teams and together with them succesfully translate visions into actions. I put emphasis on change management and risk management in projects. I am communicative – I quickly establish and maintain relations with people from different backgrounds, I am able to work closely with employees, managers, management boards and supervisory board members, present my position and convince stakeholders. The projects, I run, required the ability to establish contacts and build relationships with people from various backgrounds – industrial, scientific, governmental and military, including suppliers and business partners.

I am a decision-making person, taking various initiatives, capable of quick analysis of the situation, focused on achieving goals, with a great sense of responsibility for results, people and the company. My management style is characterised by strong leadership, teamwork and employee involvement in decision making.